25 February 2016

Refused Service

Apparently a Krystal Burger refused service to a cop.

Must have been a white male cop or we'd be hearing about how he'd been discriminated against.


  1. Refusing service to a cop because he's a cop is not illegal, so far as I know.

    Refusing him service because he is white or Christian would be illegal.

    1. I'll get cancer if I don't vent my spleen occasionally. The "racism" tag marks actual seriousness about this.

      "Stuff" is just a hipster tone ironic stance.

  2. Presumably if you paid the Krystal workers $15 an hour they'd have valued their job enough to serve the cop and the other customers they ignored. (/sarc) I'd guess that Krystal will clean house and fire all the employees as well as the manager who allowed such behavior to occur. Automating a Krystal with robot cashiers will probably be expedited, as well, leaving those humans who can't even flip burgers with only hotel maid work as an alternative.

    Story link here:



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