08 February 2016


On the whole, I rather like the police.

Despite personal interactions with them being generally negative...

If I look hard enough it's the asshats standing out rather than cops in general being dicks.

Remember what I said about 5% of my issues being how the job attracts bullies?  They're the dicks I'm ranting about when I'm hatin' on cops.

Someone has to do the job, and it's not gonna be me.

I just wish I had more better than neutral experiences from them personally.

The closest to positive I have is being let go with a warning when I was caught red handed.  That's a mixed feeling because I richly deserved that ticket.  Edit, I remembered a good one.  Posted next week.

I am sure a large portion of my lack of positive stems from being the sort of person who never does anything that creates a situation where I have to interact with them.  Being law abiding has its own set of rewards!

To have a positive experience with a cop, something bad has to have happened to me.  I have to be the victim of a crime.  Then the cops have to solve that crime in a really great way to offset the bad experience created by being made a victim.

All of my real negative about the cops can be better summed up with the police a society get is a reflection of that society.

Even if all the cops are good, a screwed up society will have them doing all sorts of stupid and often counterproductive things.  Government mandates they do things that waste time and resources.

Even if all cops are good, there's a limit on how much good can be done because resources don't stop being scarce just because an organization gets guns and badges.  I understand this is why so little gets done about some things.  Spread too thin is one way to put it.

Even if all cops are good... well all of them aren't.  All of them can't be.

But I earnestly believe that most of them at least have good intentions and really do work to make things less shitty out there.


  1. I think that last paragraph is the crux of the matter. Most are good. There are shorty ones. But even some of the good intentioned ones make bad calls, because they think they are serving justice, when in reality, they are oppressing liberty. They just can't SEE THAT.

    1. And in a way, those good ones that are blind to the damage they are causing, are worse than the bad ones...

    2. It makes me want to edit every instance of "shitty" and insert "shorty"! LOL

      Let us all work to make the world a less shorty place!

  2. Reading your comment, my wife just looked at me weird. She must have been wondering what I was laughing at!


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