11 February 2016

BTR-152 Addendum

This post makes it seem like it was near impossible to pop three guys dead right there in the back of the head from 4 yards.

If you line up the targets at the range, this is an easy exercise and you wonder how anyone could miss.

GURPS 4e default mode includes assumes some penalties that might not apply to some people.

You can get up to +10 to your roll in a non-combat situation, giving us a 20 for the first two shots and 18 for the third.

Being a cold blooded motherfucker means shooting at people is like a day at the range, so you should get bonuses to shoot at them.  Combat Reflexes, Unfazeable and levels of Fearlessness should come into play to help, it's not explicitly said in the rules though.  The GM has to make a leap of faith and apply it.

You've got to decide what alleviates the symptoms that cause the defacto -10 penalty to all combat shooting.  The rules as written avoid stating the combination of advantages and disadvantages that fully eliminate the penalty because it's surely to be abused by the players.  Leaving it up to the GM also means "The GM giveth and the GM taketh away."

If you get a player who goes all rules-lawyer on you, just direct them to B345 Task Difficulty.


  1. I assume "a coldblooded motherfucker" is a Latin phrase that translates as something like "a fine figure of a man B'God"?

  2. A few levels of Targeted Attack (Pistol, Skull) would also go a long way, even buying off a single point of that -7 nets you a fairly sizeable increase in chance to hit. If you've got 6 points in quickshot, it's very reasonable to assume you've got enough Targeted Attack to buy off at least some of the penalty (I have my qualms with the specifics of Targeted Attacks rules, but that's neither here nor there for this).

    Assuming maxed TA buys off half that -7, rounding down to 3, suddenly you're looking at 13, 13, and 11 to hit. or 83.8%, 84.8%, and 62.5% chance to hit, even without other bonuses (I'd wager a +2 for stationary, seated, unaware enemies to someone well enough trained to have such skills to be appropriate, even if they didn't warrant the +10 of True Badass, but that's back to GM's Call)

    1. The shooter is a real person and doesn't seem to have specialized in headshots, so I skipped targeted attack.

      This is an actual situation I'm attempting to recreate with the rules. Our fine figure of a man, B'God; pulled it off in about a second and a half with no more trouble than a day at the range.


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