17 February 2016

Living In The Past

It occurs to me that a problem with the electorate is we're living in another country.

"The past is another country."

There was once a time where our government was provably constrained in size, scope and power to the limits delineated in the Constitution.

I think a good many voters are still mentally in that time where the Federal government was nearly toothless to bite them.  At that time, it was safe to ignore the government.

Sadly, it is no longer so.

I have a thought problem for y'all.

To ban alcohol, it required passing an amendment to the Constitution to grant Congress the power to pass laws banning the manufacture and sale.  When another amendment was passed, revoking this power; all those laws became void.

To ban drugs, no amendment was passed at all; just laws.

Using precedent, all drug laws are unconstitutional.

Why then, do most police enforce the drug laws?

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