19 February 2016


Recall here and here.

Got the new sear from Midway today.

Installed without any drama.

There's still some slight movement, that means I need a new safety, and those are thin on the ground in park.

Still it's an improvement.

The old sear would move 0.023" and the new one moves 0.019"

The top of the new sear doesn't go past the top of the hammer notch when it moves and is 0.002" thicker.  Even failing the click test the entire sear nose is still engaged with the hammer notch.

The new sear needs a total of 0.059" of movement to clear the hammer, the old one needed 0.060" so half the increased thickness was in the top of the nose.

Overall I am pleased with the improvement, and I will keep an eye out for a park'd ambi safety.

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