29 February 2016

Proof That I Once Knew When To Keep My Mouth Shut

I was on my first leave since getting my spiffy new sergeant's stripes.

I was flying space-available via military airlift command and there was a long wait to fly out of Rhein-Main AB.

So it was loiter upstairs, check the schedule downstairs, go back upstairs... lather rinse repeat.

On one trip back up stairs the stairway is choked with a bunch of guys in BDUs, untucked pants, unshaven, unkempt hair...  And me being double frustrated with my travel situation and lack of sleep coupled with a burning desire to test out my new stripe...

There's a reason I have "Dangersense" on all of my GURPS characters depicting Me.

I didn't dress down these obvious slobs.

Who turned out to be a SEAL team.

Probably nothing more than laughing at the silly Army Sergeant would have come of it had I attempted to throw my helium balloon-like weight around.  But ass kickings have their beginnings in sticking your over-officious nose where it doesn't belong.

Plus it would have made the flight in the Navy C-9B kinda awkward sitting with them all the way to Norfolk.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of a "Willie and Joe" cartoon by Mauldin: Willie and Joe are looking at a spiffy-looking REMF sergeant. Caption: "He's right. When we ain't fightin' we should look like sojers."


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