22 February 2016

Slush Fund

I have to make gun slush fund like I did for the tire fund.

Really an accounting notation deal.

Money in the fund gets marked as "spent" even though it remains in the bank account.

Then once the desired amount is reached, the bimonthly deductions can be deleted and the actual purchase recorded.

That and not spending my VA stipend on stupid stuff should mean I can stop looking longingly at gun related things and start buying them.

Assuming my ADHD acquisitive nature doesn't win out.

I do need a Kiv/27 and at least one bayonet for my Finns.  Ain't gonna happen unless I squirrel some nuts away.


  1. That's how I save for guns. It frequently gets raided for things more important (like tires), but I end up with enough to get a gun once or twice a year. It works for me.

  2. I use a military medal presentation box as a storage container for a cash "slush" fund. I will kick whatever "extra" greater than $1 bills I have in my wallet every Sunday. That is my bullets and gun fund. I have only purchased loading components with it in the past year. I am overdue for a gun - I am looking at a 9mm 1911.


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