28 February 2016

All The Butter In The World

Here in my stretch of Florida there's a German restaurant.

Those are so rare, it's called The German Restaurant and nobody is confused.

Marv works for food when he helps with things like door installations.

So we went.

Because he'd decided on the same thing I had, I decided to use the German name for the meal instead of the English translation.  Our waitress shifted gears into German and we completed the rest of my order there.

It wasn't until I looked at a slightly confused Marvyn that I realized that I'd shifted gears with her without noticing we'd been speaking German.

I don't claim to speak German, but I damn sure learned to order food while I was stationed there, and it seems that I still remember.

The Oberkellner Art is made with all the butter in the world, with a WONDERFUL garlic and onion wine gravy.

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