04 February 2016

I Am Looking At YOU Hans Christian-Vorsitch

Immersion is important in a role-playing-game.

Let's say I'm playing an American Marine during WW2.

What am I going to call this pistol?


It's a Nambu, right?

What would a Japanese soldier call it?

Nambu Taishou 14 Shiki Kenjuu?  But since the player probably doesn't speak Japanese we'd translate it to English and it's Nambu Type 14...  Or if he's feeling eloquent, Nambu pistol of the 14th year of the Taishou reign."

They're never going to call a Baby Nambu a Nambu Shiki Otsu Gata Kenjuu.

I mean if we're going to have to transliterate every word, why is there a section on Japan?  Isn't that supposed to be Nihon or Nippon?

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