15 February 2016

Near Fetched

I read about how Venezuela has blamed the US for a riot.

At first I am like, "We wouldn't do that."

Then I consider how much stuff my government does at home that it's not supposed to, including lots of small, petty, dumb shit.

Suddenly the idea that some US agency is starting a riot in Venezuela isn't so far fetched.

I should make a documentary.

Edited to reflect the actual number of riot blamed on the US.


  1. Only one question: What riots?

    1. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/08/03/venezuelan-president-blames-us-for-supermarket-riot-that-left-one-dead/

      Riot. Singular.

      But we're talking about conspiracy theories, why settle for the truth?

  2. Food riots... Oh well those are going t be more frequent on account there are no food supplies coming in or being produced. Dept Agg informed that there were no exports of US food stuffs to Venezuela as not even a grain of rice. Venezuela gets most of its food from the US....
    S is going to HTF


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