01 December 2021

Photography Is Sometimes Hard


I take a picture every year containing some alcohol, a firearm and some tobacco.

The alcohol is often beer and I often end up in a race to get everything all framed while there's still a head on the beer.

It looks better in the pic to have a head on the beer.

Next year will have a pipe for the tobacco.

That complicated things because I wanted to get a wisp of smoke too.

I don't think I succeeded, but you will have to wait until Jan 1, 2022 to see.


  1. Will you be trying for the muzzle flash from the firearm?

    1. Muzzle flash is actually simpler. Put the camera on motor drive.

  2. For small objects, I often use a Paisley bandanna and use a nickel for size reference. Blue for some backgrounds, Red for others. Knives in particular stand out with this background. And mostly taken using outdoor lighting, early morning or late afternoon. Soft light seems to enhance. Bright light often causes reflections and even cause me to uncounsciously 'squint'.

    The above has nice composition. I do agree beer foam enhances it.


    1. This shot was on the cutting board because that was the only clear spot on the desk, no scale reference intended.

  3. I was thinking... Damn! Have to wait all the way to next year... then I was like... oh... it's December... What was I thinking?


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