09 January 2013


The Constitution is a double edged sword.

It's the source of legitimacy for the federal government.

If they fail to obey its restrictions and ignore it, it's invalidated.

If it's invalid, so is the legitimacy of the federal government.

That's why it's important to follow the restrictions to the damn letter!

Sadly I find damn few people who understand that and even fewer that want to.

Some claim the want to, but we always travel down Whatif road and try to justify something that's not plainly authorized by the constitution that they feel is essential.

Explaining the amendment process just gets a glazed stare.

Too often the reply to "that's unconstitutional" is "well the other party did it first".


You may also substitute "illegal" for "unconstitutional" in the preceding two sentences.

And it's everywhere.  It's so pervasive that we're literally the frog in the slowly heating pot and we're not even aware of the pot let alone the water temperature.

The Constitution was written in plain language.  It was not written with hidden meanings for lawyers to suss out by twisting the language.

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