29 January 2013

Some Days

It just doesn't pay to chew through the restraints.

Dottie is a chubby AR.

I did some research and have discovered I can knock 6.56 oz. off her by changing the handguard from the LaRue LT-15-9 to a Magpul MOE.


Changing over to the MOE itself would be about $60.

Adding a QD fitting to replace the one that I lose from the LaRue rails is $33 plus shipping.

Adding a mount for the flashlight that disappears with the rails adds around $20 plus shipping.

Probably $125 to get the new parts and the swivel and light mount will eat into the weight savings.

The LaRue is $230 new, so I am sure I can sell it for at least the cost of the parts.

Heck, I'd swap even up!

What I need:

Triangular Handguard Cap, 0.75"
Barrel Snap Ring
Magpul MOE mid-length handguards, Olive Drab
Mount-N-Slop QD Sling Mount
Magpul MOE Illumination Kit

If someone out there with a bit of vendor pull would like to donate them, I'd be happy to give a heads up review comparing them to a YHM 4-rail and the LaRue!


  1. You may need a barrel nut also, I think the Larue rail takes a special one.

  2. For some reason I have two barrel nuts in the parts bin and none of the rest of the delta pack. I forgot the E-Clip in my list though.


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