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16 January 2013

Gun Bans And GURPS

Mr Glittershine fired 150 rounds in 20 minutes from a semi-automatic rifle and killed 26 people and his cowardly subhuman self.

In GURPS terms the rate of fire for such a rifle is 3.  You can fire faster than that, up to double that rate but you take some massive penalties.

I was just reading that it put at least three rounds into everyone killed.

78 out of 150 hits with slow deliberate fire.  In 20 minutes.  That's enough time to fire 3,600 rounds at 3 per second if you have a 3,600 round magazine.  But he had 30 rounders.

Ten seconds to fire 30 rounds, 3 seconds to swap the mag if you don't have fast draw (magazine) or speedload skills.  That three seconds between magazines changes our total 2,769 shots.

Eighteen and change times the number actually fired.

Let's limit him to ten round magazines.  We'll even be an asshole GM and say the last shot of the mag takes a whole second long turn to fire.  So, four seconds per mag, three to swap them...  1,714 rounds still more than ten times the shots fired.

How about five rounders?

Two seconds per mag, three to reload...  1,200 rounds.  I'm sensing a diminishing return...

What about a bolt action hunting rifle with a five round magazine?  Only one shot per second now.  Three seconds per round to reload!  Five seconds to empty the magazine and fifteen to replenish it.

300 rounds.  Twice as many as were fired.

Fuck you gun banners.


Let's go all out here!

Single barrel shotgun.

One second to fire, three to reload.


Caplock rifle-musket?

One second to fire, fifteen to reload.  75 shots!  Look Ma, we finally found a gun that shoots fewer rounds than were fired that day.

Update II:

What if he'd had a real live M16 or M4?  Full auto, rock and roll?

RoF is 15 for an M4A1.

2 seconds per magazine, 3 to reload.  7,200 rounds.  That's 240 pounds of ammo and mags, by the way.

He'd also have missed a lot more.

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