04 August 2021

Ich bin Jude

Seeing as I caught the Wu Ping Cough, and survived, I see no need to get a vaccination which doesn't seem to do much more than the antibodies I obtained the old fashioned, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.

But the powers that be intend to make me a second class citizen over it.

Fine with me.

But they might wanna consider that I know who the Bielskis were before they go full National Socialist on me and make people like me The Jew.


  1. Antibodies the old-fashioned way are more effective against re-infection, with zero risks in the long-term, and they also don't contribute to viral transmogrification in response to the not-a-vaxx.

    But this stopped being about medical rationales about a year ago.

    I don't think it'll be the Bielskis so much (though I'm okay with that).

    I'm kind of hoping for a few million Dorners.
    And a battalion or two of Killdozers.
    But with less PR, and more SMEAC and METT-TC.

  2. Got news McThag: We are all Indians (or Jews) now.

    A whole lot of Indians every one of which may one day go full Dorner.


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