02 August 2021

Pick One

There's two things which are mutually exclusive here.

Either the vaccine is effective OR the vaccinated people are vulnerable to people who've caught the Wu Ping Cough without being vaccinated.

Pick one.

Bear in mind if you should choose the latter, you're admitting that the vaccine is ineffective.

I think we're tacitly admitting that the vaccines are ineffective when we blame the unvaccinated and tell people who've been vaccinated to take precautions consistent with being unvaccinated to avoid infection.


  1. To follow along this path, if you getting the !vax doesn't protect you, me getting it won't protect either of us, either.

  2. That fount of wisdom, the CDC >spit!<, has already outright admitted that
    1) vaccinated people are readily infected
    2) vaccinated people carry the virus in communicable form to the exact same extent as unvaccinated people
    3) vaccination subjects the vaccinated to more severe outcomes than unvaccinated people


    There is, therefore, no scientific basis to continue the charade any longer. It's unsupportable to continue, and given the 11,000+ reported deaths from the vaccines, they're simply and inarguably unsafe at any speed.

    As soon as the PR materials are ginned up, look for the MSM to start calling the vaccine's "Trump's Folly" in 3, 2, ...


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