04 August 2021

Logical Outcome

Somewhere there is a landlord building a killdozer.

Count on it.


  1. Ayup. My landlady apparently has a list. Funny, the list corresponds almost person-to-person to people who have also bought lots of new stuffs, cars, had wild parties full of booze and drugs and had the police called on them on a pretty regular basis. But the landlady couldn't do the boot because feelings and hope and change and such.

    I swear, I could hear her and the management company chortling on Monday.

    Then Fumbles McPuddingbrain/Grandpa Stinkfingers had to go violate his oath of office and a standing ruling by the Supremes.

    The coming collapse of civilization is hastening or something. Was any of this in any of your 'Futureworld RPGs' ?

  2. One can but hope.

    In a just universe, there are many such, in various stages of build-out.

    Had I the means, I'd have a small fleet gassed up and ready to go even now.

  3. I'm waiting for a politician to instead ask for forgiveness to the landlords who are held hostage with this situation. Why not forgive the property TAXES payed by them for the building ? And allow the tenants to begin paying for their rent from now until they leave.


    1. Leftist politicians generally are anti-landlord. Look at what Mao wrote about them and did to them. Make no mistake that the current mainstream of the Democratic party in the US these days is right in lockstep with Mao, Lenin and Stalin (see de-Kulakization) in their ideology. That kind of totalitarian government is what they want for the US. Squeeze the landlords by allowing peasants... err... tenants, to live rent free, then seize the property for the state when they can no longer pay the ever higher property taxes. Eventually all the middle class will be impoverished or killed and only the stupid and compliant sheep will be left for the ruling oligarchs to dominate with an iron fist.

  4. I am SO damn glad I'm well out of that business. I'm sure you remember my rants about some of the tenants I had to deal with. My brother (who's been in Southern California since 1987) couldn't understand why we couldn't rent to nice young couples or nice older people. I explained and explained that here in IF, nice young couples of the sort he wanted could afford houses, and WANTED houses...and that the kind of nice older couples he wanted either wanted to stay in their longtime homes, or wanted to go somewhere less Arctic in the winter. So we got stuck with the "Jerry Springer Show" rejects.

    1. I remember being shocked at your experience that there's absolutely zero recourse for the landlord to recover damages done beyond keeping the deposit.

    2. Very theoretically, I could sue in civil (small-claims) court, but getting papers served was a problem when my tenants had disappeared, and the one time I successfully did get a case through, the tenant had disappeared. About the only way I'd get back into that business would be if I had my Uncle Tony Soprano, or my godfather Vito Corleone, to call on for help.


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