02 August 2020


You're standing there, with a bloody knife in one hand and the severed head of a hooker in the other.

There's a cordon of cops with their guns pointed at you, screaming, "Drop the knife!"

All you can think is, "Why don't they want me to drop the head?"


  1. Um... when I was working at a 'not guilty because insane' facility, there was one guy from Miami who, at the age of 30, cut the head of his 14 yoa 'girlfriend' and went running down the street, naked, with knife in one hand and head in the other.

    When confronted, he dropped the knife, then beat a cop with the head, at which time they blasted him with a shotgun, unfortunately hitting all the stuff around his heart and major veins and arteries, and the miracle of modern science saved him.

    Sooo, your question? It's a very strange but true question. The answer, of course, is not to tell him to drop either, but to drop him, so to speak.

    I have been a lifelong spectator to weirdness galore. It seems to flow around me like the very air.

    And, yes, that dude? Bug-copulation crazy. One of the few people I've actually met that scared the snot out of me.

  2. Hi Angus,
    You shoulda' been there!! Back in the late 70's and early 80's (20th century!!) at a skydiving "Bacchanal!!" one would often hear an exuberant chant.....when... somewhere in a group of words uttered by someone the word "HEAD" would be included.... someone would "NOTE!!" the utterance by exclaiming... out loud... "HEAD!!!! WHO SAID HEAD????" and the crowd would chant back.... "I'll Have some of that!!!!" the laughter would insue along with the sound of poptops on beer cans popping and the accompanying merriment!!!!!!
    Your post opened up a "Pandora's Box" of Old Skydiving Memories!!!
    Blue skyz,

  3. Oh man that made me laugh, my dogs looked at me like im in a library. Or you could tell the cops , ( its ok im a head hunter).

  4. Head!
    Who said head?
    I'll have some of that!
    We don't want women with good taste!
    We want women that taste good!

    1. Hi Echo Hotel!!!
      That's a Big Trucker's "10-4" on that!!!!!! It's all about the "HONEY DRIPPER'S!!!!!!!!!!!" KnowwhatIMean?? As I recall Back when in the mid late 20th Century there were these musicians that played the Guitar like it's never been played before!! Several from different groups got together to form a super album and there was a note or two about the "HONEY DRIPPER'S!!" If you are lost in the "Oh ZONE!!" then just write it off!! Those of us that "Get the Drift!!" "KNOW!!" At one time back when... someone posted a foto taken of a board fence somewhere in London... someone with a can of spray paint wrote,"Clapton is GOD!!"...... Those were the Daze!!!!
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,


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