01 August 2020

Trying It On For Size

Listening to Ice Cube rant about the evils of The Democrat Party since reconstruction Whitey...

It occurs to me we have a new term to apply to black celebrities lecturing ME about how I kept them from becoming... uh...  successful millionaires?


So every one of you black celebrity musicians, actors, comedians and athletes:

Come down from your ebony towers and see how I'm living before you try to tell me I'm keeping you down.


  1. I have commented, listening to diatribes about how white people or males are privileged and always get all the goodies, that I would sure like to transfer out of the white race and male sex I am in now, into the ones that apparently have life all their own way and never have any trouble.

  2. Sadly, some of these humans will only be mollified by whites being enslaved in their turn.

  3. Hypocrite.

    It's such an excellent word. But that's one of those polysyllabic words that sounds too educated, and since educated is equivalent to 'acting white'...


    For emphasis, two-faced asshole. I think they can now understand either the two-word or three word label.

    They have done me. I watch no sports, very few main-stream tv shows and as soon as one goes SJW (like the remake of 'SWAT' where in LA the main problem every episode was white racist bastards trying to whitify LA and put the brown and black brothers down.)

    Screw them.

    Hey, Ice Cube, you used to be moderately funny and a moderately okay actor. Now? I've written your name in my little book and struck a line through it!


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