23 November 2016

Education Bigotry

Since I've shitcanned yet another liberal friend...

One of the things she said, "When I think Southern, I think Alabama, Missippi and Lousiana, who trade the lowest education rate and highest preganancy rate back and forth."

Spelling mistakes in the original, by the way.

I see she's got her money's worth from her bachelor's degree from Iowa State...

Despite the lack of education, all three states have vibrant industries ranging from textiles, steel mills, automotive assembly and ship yards.

So what if they're reproducing?  Lots of that work is union work, and well paid.  They can afford to have families!

But they don't have college degrees so none of that matters.

It's really ironic that she also sneered, "[S]ome Democrats are ivory-tower whiney babies too."

Maybe because I was a drafter (a non degreed profession) and worked between the degreed engineers and the non-degreed shop that I know that formal education isn't the entirety of learning.

I know three people working in computer programming who don't have bachelor's degrees, by her definition they're uneducated.  Two of them live in the south too.

My dad worked for Motorola setting up chip-fabs with just an associate's in mechanical engineering, but lots and LOTS of on the job experience.  But he's uneducated (and porked out five kids with two wives), so worthy of scorn.

Something I've definitely noticed from her and her friends is a total lack of understanding of people who're outside their little bubbleworld.  I've definitely had to censor what I say around them, but they don't around me.  They love the phrase, "agree to disagree," which near as I can tell, in practice means I have to be silent while they insult me.

I'm fed up with it.


  1. Sorry this came from somebody you thought was a friend.

    Some of my relatives are very successful farmers, and if they have a college degree, they never felt the need to mention it, and I never felt the need to ask.

    But let's assume they don't. ... who's the smart one, the farmer running a successful business with no degrees, or the urbanite with a masters in Aztec basket weaving who's working as a restaurant server to make the minimum payments on their college loans that they will never get out from under?

    Also on a tangential note, nothing makes a better spectator sport than seeing some idiot "progressive" make a massive "fuck the South" statement, only to be rebutted by a Southern Born "Progressive" happily living in the South.

    The tap dance of Virtue Signaling, and/or outright hostility is one of life's simple pleasures.

    As angry as the Southern "Progressive" gets for being attacked and marginalized, they have to be careful not to spill the beans and reveal that the party of love and inclusion, us in fact the party of Anarchy, hatred, and bigotry.

  2. I probably resemble one of the three people you mention working in computer programming. One thing that this uneducated software developer (I don't like to use the term "engineer" since I am not a licensed professional engineer) finds a little comfort in is the fact that even living in a relatively low tax state like Texas I probably still make more in real dollars than the libtard former friend does. And if you adjust based on cost of living compared to the socialist northern $#!+ hole that she probably lives in, it is even more my way.

    But of course I'm just deplorable and all my success is due to the massive windfall of "white privilege" and "male privilege", and has nothing to do with any self education, experience and even a little hard work over the years.

  3. I always hear "agree to disagree" as "I lose, you win", and I'm comfortable sharing that with whoever says it.

    1. Thank you for making my day!

    2. Yep it means "You made some great arguments, and I have nothing to counter with, but I'm not mature enough to admit I might be wrong, so I'll step back to a foolish and meaningless statement."

      Two people on equal footing reaching a rational impasse never need a clever line for it.

    3. I have to agree with this... "Agree to disagree" generally means, "I know I'm wrong, but I can't admit it".


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