07 November 2016

Did You Know

Tomorrow is election day?

I have over 20 emails telling me that tomorrow is election day.

I have text messages on my No-Call-List listed phone telling me tomorrow is election day.

Every other commercial is campaign related and reminding me tomorrow is election day.

That's just great!

Is there something I'm supposed to do?


  1. It's better than yesterday so far today. Yesterday we had phone calls all freaking day telling us to go vote. (Just as I type this another rolls in!) I'm ready to unplug the phone until Wednesday.

    And Chris Cox I'm talking to you here: if you spent a penny calling me, you wasted any NRA-ILA or PVF contribution I made. The three robo-calls you made yesterday were all a waste of precious resources.

    1. If the NRA was robo-calling in my area they were using a different program because the phone rang for FIVE MINUTES solid. Most robo-calls are 4 rings and done. And they called this way 4 times.

      I was thinking that had some actual people manning the phones getting paid per ring.


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