08 November 2016

Poll Tax

I voted today!

Because I am an upstanding and law-abiding citizen of The Federation (who never even once sold dope disguised as a nun) I attempted to lock my gun in the glove box.  And the latch fell out.

Gods damn it!  This will be the second time this poor design has failed me.  Technically the third time since the repair I did two years ago held for a year.  The break pictured above has maybe 30 cycles on it too.  Mutter mutter mumble mumble.

As a bonus, no doubt because I was agitated about this part breaking again when I was merely attempting to be law-abiding, the person ahead of me in line was the most nervous person I've seen since Don Knots.

He got worse when the deputy patrolling the polls got near him and better when he walked away.  The Deputy caught my eye once and rolled his eyes at Mr Nervous with a, "can you see this?" expression.  Just how twitchy do you have to get in front of a cop before that's probable cause?

Oh yeah, THERE WAS A LINE AT THE POLLING PLACE!!!!!!!  In 16 years of voting in Florida I have never seen a line before.  Or so many looks of grim determination.

1 comment:

  1. Arrived at the polling place in SW lower MI 10 minutes ahead of opening, was 49th in line to vote. Never seen this many at the opening bell. A few hippies, but most middle class deplorables and union types. Have great hopes MI will go for Trump but it will be razor close due to the sheer number of union heavies (fewer than in past, but still many) in Detoilet and surrounding areas. May God be with us this day to banish the Helldebeest.


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