12 November 2016

I've Noticed Something

I'm reading in many places about all my various hate-filled motivations for voting against Hillary Clinton.

It's incredible how detailed their knowledge of the inner workings of my mind are.


Unless James Randi has some paying to do, they can't psychically or telepathically read my mind to determine my motivations.

The other, and rather conventional, means of figuring out why I've done something is to ask me.

They've, to date, not done this.

So what they must be doing is making assumptions or outright fabrications.


  1. Since I'm not one of those who have read your mind and understand your "hate-filled motivations", I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.

    1. I am an originalist. Hillary has advocated several things that the government is not empowered to do. That alone would have lost my vote.

      As I've mentioned before I got to spend a couple days being questioned by the FBI because classified materials I'd signed for had ended up where they should not have been. There was a real impression that if they couldn't figure out which person on the signature list had leaked, they'd throw us all in jail just to be sure.

      Seeing her get a walk on a far more critical and larger violation would have made her a no-go candidate too.

      That ties into my belief that for there to be equal protection under the law, everyone must be subject to it the same way, from the top to the bottom. The FBI let me go because they determined that I wasn't the leak, they let her walk because... well the explanation stinks.

      Gun control is my first go/no-go question. If the candidate fails this one, I don't much care what else they have to say. If both candidates are mostly vile, but one is good on guns I'll take guns. I always look at RECENT positions on gun control because some of the staunchest opponents of gun control started out as proponents.

      I really don't think that the powers that be understand just how close to an armed revolt things are. A huge number of people are sick of walking on eggshells worrying about whatever the trigger of the hour is. Sick of the tacit support that violent criminals such as Black Lives Matter receives. Sick of their lives being managed ever more finely by people distant unaccountable.

      The thing I am most sick of is the accusation that I am racist, sexist and homophobic. To accuse me of such things is to prove you know nothing of me.

    2. Yep, pretty much mirrors my own feelings. Thanks for summing it up so concisely.


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