06 November 2016

Arts And Crafts

The Boy's bowling league does give aways for the "kids" every year.

We try to make it something special and cool.

That's a belt clip for a water bottle!  I bought the purple one at a gun-show.

I made the blue-gray one!  It's a super simple knot.  The trick is holding the loop where you want it and keeping the splice for the color change in the right spot for the first knot.

We need 70 of the things for the bowlers.  The purple one was $5 plus tax, plus $10 admission to the gun show, plus $10 for parking.  $394.50.

The materials to make 90 of them.  $72.  Plus $19 for the non-expended book showing how to tie the knots!

Each one will take 28" of the blue and 16" of the gray; one s-carabiner; and one toggle-slider.  The s-clips arrived today and I had some paracord from other projects laying around.  This stuff is remarkably adaptable!

I think I am going to get some clip-ends and make a pistol lanyard or two!

Pretty soon we're going have that whole 503c thing done for the league and then comes the hard sell for donations to help some mentally challenged people just have a good time.

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