25 November 2016

Almost There

Got my extra-long set of suspenders today!

Except for the pattern '51 entrenching tool I have a complete set of period web gear for 1968+!

I firmly agree with many vets that the H style of suspenders from the M1956 Load Carrying Equipment and M1967 Modernized Load Carrying Equipment far superior to the Y style suspenders introduced with the All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE).

I would prefer to replace the M1967 first aid pouch and butt-pack with the M1956 items, but there's no great hurry.

Update: This kit without ammo, bandage, bayonet, bipod, canteen, cleaning kit, magazines, or weapons tares in at... 6.3 lb.

1x M1911A1 (loaded): 2.8 lb.
2x M1911A1 magazines (loaded): 1.0 lb.
8x 20-round M16 magazines (loaded): 4.8 lb.
1x M7 Bayonet: 0.7 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x M3 bipod: 0.6 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 quart water: 2.3 lb.
1x M1943 Entrenching Tool 2.5 lb.
1x M1951 Entrenching Tool 2.3 lb.

For an all-up weight of: 21.1 lb. hanging off your shoulders and waist.

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