24 November 2016

Some Fascinating Reading

Seems that NFATCA has been just as cozy with ATF as everyone expected they were.

An excerpt (Ms Carlson's reply is above the original message):

Carlson, Krissy V. 
From: Carlson, Krissy Y. 
Sent: Thurs July 07, 20110:4AM 
Subject: RE: Prosecutorial actio
Hi REDACTED,I am not aware of these 16 active cases. Let me see what I can find out and I will share with you whaI can.
Krissy Y. Carlson Division Chief Firearms and Explosives Industry Division
-- -Original Message- --- 
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2016 10:37 AM 
To: Carlson, Krissy Y. REDACTED 
Subject: Prosecutorial action
Krissy, Hope you're doing well. I know that REDACTED is already pursuing this action so I apologize for the duplication of effort. While I was attending the Orchid Advisors conference iAtlanta someone from ATF, can't remember who, mentioned that ATF had about 16 active caseinvolving prohibited persons acquiring NFA weapons through a trust. As you probably know have personally know that this was one of the primary reasons that ATF had been in a panic aboutrusts. Everyone, including ATF, needed to find a way to clean this up. I knew three years agATF had at least one case but was looking for more information on this type of problem. ThNFATCA has been hammered for saying that we needed to prove that trusts and prohibited persons were a problem resulting in 41F. I need a little help either directly or indirectly tprove to everyone that trusts, were in fact, being abused. I don't care about names as much anumbers that are worth mentioning to all of the naysayers who say wscrewed this whole thing up.
Thanks for your helpREDACTED
REDACTED is apparently someone at NFATCA, and they requested that their names be redacted from the ATF's response to Stamboulieh.

I repeat from my post here from January 4, 2016; seven months before they queried ATF:

People who are forbidden to buy an NFA item used a trust to obtain one?  NAME ONE  just ONE and not just "I saw someone".  Name their name.  Link us to the arrest.  Link us to the news story.  You can't, can you?  Because it didn't actually fucking happen, you lying piece of shit.
Busted is the phrase we use here.


NFATCA assured us they'd seen trusts buying stuff, in person.  Yet cannot produce a single name and the ATF they're cozy with doesn't know about any either.  We need to not do business with people opposed to our interests.

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