25 November 2016

The Huge Divide

While I am enjoying my "agreeing to disagree" victory lap (thanks for the perspective on that guys!) I noticed that the argument often boils down to a simple situation.

If I get everything I want, the other person will not be forced to change anything.

If they get everything they want, I would be forced to change everything.

I will even concede that isn't entirely true, because for me to get everything I want, they'd have to stop trying to force me to change everything.

There are things in this divide that are sometimes fascinating.

They cannot drive and advocate public transportation.  That's fine, but they seem to feel that I am obligated to pay for it.

Why?  I have a car, I don't require it.

But, shall we talk about those costs?  The local bus service wants $40 a month for an unlimited ride pass.  Seattle wants $62 for the same.

My car insurance is $340 a month.  When do they start subsidizing MY transportation costs?  I also spend about another $100 on fuel.

Why isn't that monthly pass more like $400 then?  Then I wouldn't have to subsidize a product I'm not using.


  1. There you go, using logic again... sigh /snark off It's amazing how many of their 'ideas' depend on US spending our money to support them!

  2. "...they'd have to stop trying to force me to change everything."

    Which is what they want. Puritans can't be puritans without someone to lecture or bully.

    I keep asking my less fire-breathing relatives how they plan to live in peace with neighbors whose whole existence rests on kicking open your front door, taking everything they want, then burning the rest to the ground.


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