17 November 2016

Buy A History Book

I am enjoying the comparisons of the present political situation with other historical events.

Like the Civil War, brought about because a Republican was elected to end slavery.  Hint: The Republican won and slavery ended.

Like the Great Depression, which is a veritable litany of government interference which prolonged and worsened the economic situation.  What party held the white house?  Republicans?  No...  Whigs?  No...  Democrats!  They control both houses of Congress too.

Like the Civil Rights Movement.  Where southern Democrats maintained the worst of the Jim Crow laws.  It was a Republican who integrated the schools, by the way.  Never mind that Martin Luther King was, likewise, a Republican.

But lets add some stuff of our own.

Let's talk about national malaise.  Democrat in the White House and Democrat majorities in both halves of Congress.

Or the Vietnam war.  Victory thrown away because the Democrat controlled Congress had to punish Republican Ford for his pardon of Nixon.  Yes, Virginia, we'd had Vietnam won.  Look it up.

And speaking of wars...

We're still at our stop points from WW2.

We're well South of our stop points in Korea.

We sold out South Vietnam.

Iraq is still fucked.

Afghanistan is... well no shame there except for going at all.  As long as there's two Afghanis, there's a blood feud.  But we went with the silly notion that we could affect some sort of long term change without standing on their necks for generations and not letting them raise their own kids in their image.  Of course, if we went back today, killing anything that moved and claiming the right of nyaw aw badal they'd at least grok what we were about.

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