17 November 2016

Quote Of The Day

There are many regulations with employment level triggers: this regulation (or law) applies only to those firms with 10 or more employees; or 20 or more employees; or 50, or 100, and probably more. DOUBLE those numbers, particularly the smaller ones. Laws that apply to firms of 10 or more now apply only to places with 20 or more; 20 becomes 40; etc. This would immediately allow small businesses to grow, and doubtless many would do so. We know that the laws are not vital in the sense that workers cannot live without them, because we permit it for firms of say 19 employees; adding a 20th would greatly increase costs, which is why the business doesn’t grow. Etc.; surely the point is obvious. This could be done on the first day of the new Congress, passed by both houses and signed by the President; and it may well have a dramatic effect on the growth of the economy.

J. Pournelle (Yes, THAT J. Pournelle)

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