17 November 2016


My little blog is as popular in France as it is here.

I am quite shocked because what little French that's here is so bad as to make a Quebecois blush.

Am I the only one seeing this, or is it that I've pulled a Jerry Lewis and become a blogging genius?


  1. I'm seeing an unusual number of hits from France lately. Nothing like the Russian onslaught of a couple months ago, but still odd.

  2. I heard that Lewis was so big in France was because the dude who dubbed his movies in French was a genius.

    1. I think that's a bit of urban fiction...


      Right out of an SNL skit...

    2. Je suis brillant quand Google traduit mes mots dans cette langue morte! Je suis comme une combinaison de William Shakespear et de Jerry Lewis!

  3. Maybe your Engrish translates well to French in Google translate or something?


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