21 November 2016

2016 ATF Pic

I give thanks for alcohol, tobacco and firearms.


  1. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I just don't really enjoy nicotine.

    1. Prolly because of your familiarity with stronger drugs in high school. Burned the circuit that tobacco hits out.

    2. Could be. All it does is make me jittery and I find it unpleasant... not like most of the other -ines.

  2. Hi Angus,
    Nothin' like a Cold Beer in a frosted Glass or Mug!! 'Usedta' do "Tobacco" way back off and on till I got back from 'Nam and that was it. Now....."That 1911-A1!!!!!" I have a Springfield Armory 1911-A! "GI Model" similar to yours!!!! No "Trick shit sights" or other "Kool Shit!!!" just 1911-A1!!!!!
    Got Gunz........OUTLAW!!!!,

    1. I was a chain cigar smoker in the '80's in Germany. I am an occasional one now.

      I looked long and hard for a normal everyday M1911A1 as close to what I was issued as possible; without breaking the bank. Springfield came through (except for the stocks) with their GI Model. I still would like to find the Remington-Rand my dad gave me and I foolishly traded for a Glock 21. I keep that Glock as a reminder some trades aren't good long-term.

    2. I also have a Springfield GI that I swapped out the wooden grips for a set of GI surplus plastic ones. I wish I had the Remington-Rand I bought from Angus and foolishly sold back not knowing he would trade it away... although I miss it less because I found another Remington-Rand almost as nice a few years ago. I also bought a Ballester Molina from Sarco with my C&R a while back. I should have picked up a couple more when they still had them (the lament of the Cruffler). The Ballester Molina is not strictly speaking a 1911, it is based on the Spanish Star design and has a few simplifications like deleting the grip safety and the trigger pivots on a pin... but it otherwise looks and feels very 1911-ish and with fitment a lot of 1911 parts will fit. It was pretty loose like a typical well used GI gun and the barrel looked like a sewer pipe when I got it (cheapest grade from Sarco) so I hand fitted a new match barrel, link and pin to it and tightened up the slide and now it shoots surprisingly well for a cheap South American surplus klunker. I have been thinking about doing an 80% 1911 but haven't worked up to it yet. I've still got 80% lowers to finish first...


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