13 November 2016

Do Try To Chill

To the LGBT community...

What will happen to your rights will be the same thing that happened when the Republicans had control of both houses of Congress while George W Bush was president.


The worst you can say of those days is there was a lot going on about marriage.

Neither side is showered in glory over that.  Both sides talked past each other and refuse to acknowledge the other side had a point and their concerns could actually be valid.

Neither side is good at compromise on this issue.

What little noise I am hearing about LGBT rights is really of the "special" rights category.  Frankly nobody deserves those.

People have rights.  All people should have the same rights.  I ask again, are you people?

If so, I want you to have the same rights and legal protections I have.  I refuse to accept that you deserve more rights and better protections.  I will fight to elevate you to my level where I have more, if you will do the same.  Because if you don't, I will also fight to drag you back down here (but never less than me).

Still...  The passage of marijuana legalizations in the same election as a Republican president and Republicans keeping Congress... the normal paradigms might not apply any longer.  I really don't think most people have a problem with LGBT.

Most people do have a problem with being talked down to and dictated to.  The bathrooms is another place where you're talking past each other again, there's some practical concerns to address here.

There's common ground to work from, find it and work out rather than stake out the extremes and work in.

Conservatives do not help matters by phrasing things in terms of abnormality.  If you want to get technical, being left handed is abnormal.  Blue eyes and blonde hair is abnormal.  We're surrounded by abnormal and we don't batt an eye (even blue eyes).  Abnormal don't mean intolerable.  Abnormal does not mean debilitating.

On the flip side, toleration is not acceptance.  Neither acceptance or tolerance necessarily mean affection.  However, something can be worked out so that everyone has the rights they deserve.  No more, no less.

The real solution to both bathrooms and marriages might be to remove government from it altogether.

If you get to marry the person you love, what does it matter what it's called?

When you have to pee, which is more important; the sign on the door or if there's an open stall?

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