13 November 2016


A gimlet, made with white rum instead of gin.

And it's a double quadruple!

I drink for the government.


  1. You know that's called a Daiquiri, right? You can switch out the Rum for Tequila, and that's a Margarita! Whiskey for the rum, and sidestep to Lemon over the lime and you get a Whiskey Sour.

    Booze + Sugar/syrup + Citrus Juice is a whole cocktail family, generally called "Sours"

    You can also jazz up all of them by adding 1/3oz of fresh egg white per oz of booze(scale as needed) give it a "Dry shake" with no ice (I prefer using a cappuccino frother, but a whisk might be also better than shaking your shaker without ice) before you ice and shake to give it a nice creamy head of foam.

    And the citrus juice chemically cooks the egg, and the booze kills any cooties you might be concerned with.

    1. Next time I make egg noodles and have whites left over, I might try that.

      Or I'll try this and make egg noodles...

  2. Rumlet sounds more manly than daiquiri.

    For some reason I thought a daiquiri was a slushie type drink.

    1. That's the basyard "frozen daiquiri" and it is to the classic daiquiri as the "appletini" is to the dry martini.


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