10 November 2016


Just for fun I decided to put together a set of retro LBE to go with the retro AR's.

While there are some serious farbs from genuine '56 web gear you can get quite close.

Alas, the H-pattern suspenders were the regular size.  In theory, those are good for people up to 68" tall, but in my experience they're sized for someone a lot shorter than that.

X-Long replacement set ordered.

Oddly, the hardest part to lay hands on was the entrenching tool.  The wood handled one with a pick head opposite the shovel...  Ain't hardly any out there.  But I did manage to find one.

I also realized that I don't have a Helmet, Steel with Ballistic Liner; M1 any more.

This is really just for picture purposes, so I don't need a helmet.

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