07 November 2016

House Holder

Right on the property line a tree has died.

It's been dead a while now, but yesterday we decided to eliminate the parts that were threatening our shed.

There's times when being a property owner is a lot of work!  To the point of being a work-out.

The work also yielded at least a few nights of wood for the firepit too!

I also got to demonstrate my primitive skills to Marv and Harvy by splitting some of the big parts.  They didn't know why the back of a bog-standard wood axe was flat.

It's so you can hit it with a sledge!

1 comment:

  1. Sotz Monster Maul was the best thing ever. Most splitting axes would just get stuck in twisty wood. That thing would blow it apart.

    Heh, and it had a steel handle so even people with poor depth perception wouldn't snap the handle off in a day. I even managed to dent that though. :P


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