03 November 2016

Process Rather Than Goal

There's a few things that I enjoy the process of rather than the goal.

Doing the prep for cooking is one such thing.  I eschew all those labor saving devices my otherwise technophiliac tendencies should love.  Chopping and cutting, slicing and dicing.  They're pleasant and relaxing.

Changing the oil in the car is another such thing.  It takes all of half an hour if you include getting out the tools and cleaning up.  Of course, knowing you've got it done correctly never hurts.

Not once have I brought a stock air cleaner to myself and tried to tell me that it needed replaced.

Jiffy-Lube in Ames did.

It was January and like 15˚ F out and I had an attack of both lazy and "it's fucking cold!"  So I took my '79 Camaro to get an oil change.

I'm having my coffee in the waiting area when a non-mechanic type comes in carrying a really filthy air cleaner element.  He notes how filthy it is and strongly recommends that let them replace it (for a fee of course).

I look him right in the eye and say, "Didn't even pop the hood, did you?"

"Huh?" he replies.

Well, if he had opened the hood, or actually spoken to the mechanic working on the car, he'd have noticed that the factory 305 and Duo-Jet carb was long gone and replaced with a 350 (OK that part's not so obvious) a 4-barrel Holly and a HUGE Edelbrock Elite open element air cleaner.

I got a free oil change for threatening to call the cops for his attempted fraud and have been changing my own oil ever since.

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  1. My wife had a similar incident back in college. They told her she needed a transmission fluid flush and showed a sample of "her" fluid. She pointed out that she drove a manual transmission. She also paid nothing that day. Too bad this was pre-Internet or she would have broadcast it widely on social media and Yelp.


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