14 November 2016

If They Come To Us To Be Evacuated They Are Refugees

"Donald Trump is going to deport all teh gheys!"

Deporting someone is sending them back to their home nation.

Kicking someone out of their home nation is called exile.

Therefore, "Donald Trump is going to exile all teh gheys!"

Even that's not true, because some of teh gheys are foreign nationals, and they would be deported.

Exile most of teh gheys?  Not very catchy.

1 comment:

  1. I've been looking for anti-gay statements that can be verified to be said by trump, recently. I'm not having any luck finding any.

    For that matter, I'm not having much luck finding 1/2 the stuff that the leftist fear mongers are claiming that he has said about other topics, like women's rights, immigration or racial issues. And most of what I do find is either taken out of context or very vague statements that they want to make into absolute positions or more often than that, stuff other people said that has been mis-attributed to Trump because apparently it fits the leftist political agenda.

    If you were to hold Hillary to the same kinds of standards then you could say she has more or less demanded every white middle class, middle aged male to be euthanized so we aren't in the way of her utopian worker's paradise where the poor get all the free $#!+ they want, millennials get to be sheltered, spoon fed, their college for free and jobs that coddle their laziness. Those older men and women who aren't just genocided are just there to pay for it all so the entitled classes don't have to work for anything.


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