20 November 2016

Dying To Know

Before the Trinity test, they set off 100 tons of "TNT" to calibrate the instruments to be used in the actual test of Gadget.

But it wasn't actually TNT.

There's footage filmed of them setting up the test, and it's COMP-B.

COMP-B has an REF of 1.4 compared to TNT's 1.0.

That's important, because the blast did 6dx1058 cr ex.  If we assume it's TNT that would only be 6dx894 cr ex.

For reference, Gadget (20 kton) did 6dx12,649 cr ex with linked 6dx8,222 burn ex rad sur.  You'll have to look up how "burn ex rad sur" or burning explosive radiation surge works in your own GURPS books because to explain it here would surely violate copyright.  The linked damage is the EMP and heat blast.

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