22 November 2016

S * C * H * A * D * E * N * F * R * E * U * D * E

What's that spell?

Way back in February I noted that Cockbite Rat-Fuck Son-Of-A-Bitch The Honorable RINO Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's district got rezoned and District 37 would go Democrat.

Well, it did.

To yet another latino named man, Jose Javier Rodriguez (D) formerly of the Florida House of Representatives.

That means that his cockbite rat-fuck son-of-a-bitch ass is no longer chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and there's at least a chance that we're going to get some advancement on open and campus carry now.

At least the bills have more than a snowballs' chance in Miami of seeing a real vote.

Now I just need a really crappy holster with zero retention where the gun will often just fall out!

Just for pictures at local eateries!

^^ I kid.  I will need me a couple new holsters if we get open carry.

The Lovely Harvey will no longer be barred by law from carrying at work if we get campus carry.


  1. He chose Bloomberg's money.... He chose poorly.

  2. One hopes it actually makes it to a vote this time!


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