06 November 2016

Just Shoot It

I've got one for you Hollyweird. Just do Starship Troopers like the book and let the market decide if it's any good.

Don't listen to the people who've never read it.

Don't listen to the people who think that anything not actively socialist is "right wing".

Don't listen to people who couldn't identify fascism if you beat them with a bundle of sticks.

I don't understand why Hollywood can't figure book adaptations out.

Harry Potter, close to the books, big hit.

Lord of the Rings, same deal.

300, same.

Even when you have make some changes, like Watchmen, stay with the book!

Adapting popular literature should give you a clue, it's popular for a reason.  A book that stays in print for sixty years is a clue that people want to read that story and not giving the characters from Bug Hunt At Outpost Nine names from Starship Troopers; then making Robocop in Space-ace-ace-ace.


  1. I loved the film. But would still very much like to see a proper adaptation

  2. Good luck with a true adaptation in this day and age... sigh

  3. When I saw that movie, I couldn't have been robbed any better if the director took my wallet himself.

    I understand those that say "Doing the MI suits properly would mean the audience being unable to identify the characters".

    I UNDERSTAND them, I just don't BELIEVE them.

    Regardless, that was the LEAST of the abominations visited upon the novel.

    If it ever gets a true-to-the-material remake, the new director will have a lot of baggage to overcome.


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