26 November 2016

Tactical Purse

The 5.11 Tactical Purse.

The bare essentials are 3.7 lb.

1x Glock 17 Gen 2: 2 lb.
2x 17-round Glock 17 magazines (loaded): 1.2 lb.
6x 30-round M16 magazines (loaded): 6 lb.
1x M9 Bayonet: 0.9 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 liter water: 2.7 lb.
1x First Aid Kit: 1 lb.

Out the door agains the zombies with: 17.6 lb.!

Alternatively, and more likely given that The Lovely Harvey and Marv will be toting them as well:

Replace the Glock with a High-Power.

1x FN-Browning HP: 2.4 lb.
2x 15-round HP magazines (loaded): 1 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 17.8 lb.

Replace the Glock with a S&W M&P 9.

1x M&P 9: 2.2 lb.
2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (loaded): 1.4 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 18 even.


I discovered the magazine pouches hold 3x 30-round USGI magazines each.  That adds 3 lb. to the package.  But ups the ammo carried from 180 to 270 rounds.

20.6 lb. with Glock.
20.8 lb. with Browning.
21 lb. with S&W.

If I decided to carry Dottie instead of Kaylee:

The 27-round 6.8 magazines weigh 1.4 lb. so that would add 3.6 lb. to the package with 9 magazines or 2.4 lb. heavier with the 6 magazine load.  Because of the reduced capacity, ammo carried is lowered to 162 or 243 rounds.

6x magazine:

20 lb. with Glock.
20.2 lb. with Browning.
20.4 lb. with S&W.

9x magazine:

24.2 lb. with Glock.
24.4 lb. with Browning.
24.6 lb. with S&W.

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