15 November 2016

The Rarest Item Is A Shovel

In putting together a set of M1956 pattern LBE, the hardest thing to source is the frakking entrenching tool.  I have an M1967 carrier and tri-fold e-tool, but I like the look of the older carrier with the bayonet attached to it (remember, this is about appearances).

I'm using the normal M1956 magazine pouches because the stubby pouches for the M16 are a bit scarce and I don't want to use the later M1967 pouches (they look too modern even though they're period correct).

Other oddities are attempting to get a carrying case for the M16's bipod without also buying another bipod.  You can buy magazine pouches without magazines.  You can buy entrenching tool carriers without entrenching tools.  You can buy canteen carriers without canteens.  You can even buy bayonet scabbards without the bayonet.  You want a bipod carrying case, you have to take a bipod with it.

For photo purposes I've found a source of some really good looking dummy grenades too!  That'd make the project a little spendy, but far more amusing.

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