29 December 2012

Off The Res

Jon Gutmacher thinks that we should require an NICS check for private sales.

I'll put on my tinfoil hat and declare that all helicopters are black under the paint!

He's also saying we should go to an FFL for the transfer too.

Cowardly child killer Glittershine STOLE his guns and murdered the owner.  A NICS check would have helped here.

Cowardly fireman killer felon in possession Glittershine had a friend take the NICS check for him and make straw purchases.

I'm not a lawyer nor did stay at a budget hotel last night; explain to me how eliminating anonymous private sales and making everyone go to an FFL for a NICS check would have changed the outcome of either atrocity?

Bueller?  Anyone?

How many times have the authorities been caught retaining that information longer than is allowed?

Do you believe that it's really destroyed?

I can't be certain and I don't entirely trust the people answering the question.

As long as I can make an anonymous purchase and sale they cannot know with any certainty that they've rounded up all the guns.

Once again we have to remind everyone that the 2nd amendment has FUCK ALL to do with crime.  It's all about keeping our politicians honest and in fear of armed retaliation to their antics.  If Mr McThag has a NICS check for a private sale on 21Jan2013...  If confiscations start the federales will come by and ask what I bought that day even if the FFL doesn't have to put it in his book.  If I don't have anything to show them they'll want to know why there's no NICS check recording my sale.

THAT is why we don't want to do this, even if it means that there's going to be some extra crime and some extra death.  It's part of the natural manure of the tree of liberty.  And it does suck that the world is not a perfect place.

When you fret about the callousness of saying that I am willing to let children be murdered to have a bit of extra freedom I have to remind you that it would take 1,198.88 YEARS at the 2010 rate of 14,180 murders per year to catch up with Nazi Germany.  Nearly twelve centuries!  And Hitler barely dents the scores of Stalin and Mao.

I do not care that such a holocaust is unlikely in the US.  I want such a holocaust to be IMPOSSIBLE in the US.  It is impossible as long as the government has no sure way to know they've accounted for even a small fraction of useful firearms.

Making all transactions run through a government approved licensee (whose license can be revoked nearly on a whim of a government apparatchik) increases the number of firearms the government can likely track.  That makes it unlikely, at best, but NOT impossible.  The people in charge have not shown that they can be trusted with the information, so I don't think they should have it.

How's this, Mr Gutmacher, we don't let violent criminals out anymore?  That would have stopped Cowardly fireman killer felon in possession Glittershine and his accomplice.

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