25 December 2012

Slang Gun

Tam once (more than once?) described Armscor's 1911 products as "Philippine Slag Gun".

What's the derogatory slang term for Imbel?


  1. There is no derogatory term for forgings. ;)


    Make one up if you want to.

    Personally, I prefer the ones that come into the country as 80% forgings and get finish-machined here. "NM"-prefix Springers are some of the best values for the money in the 1911 market, and they don't cost any more than the decidedly thrown-together Brazilian-finished ones.

  2. Seems like there should be something to slander the Brazilian imports.

    Especially since I seem to bump into someone almost weekly who thinks that because Springfield Armory is in Illinois that the guns are entirely American. Wait! They're RIGHT! Brazil is also in America...

    Of course Rock Island Armory is in Illinois too... Just ask 'em! Of course to these guys, RRA and RIA are the same company.

  3. I like to refer to Taruii as "Brazilian Shit-Pistols", but that's just me!

  4. Brazilian Forgery Gun!

    That parses well.

  5. I just acquired a High Standard Executive 45. It is a Philippines gun and so far it has preformed flawlessly. Slag gun? Now my feelings are hurt. ;)

    1. Blame Tam for the term.

      The issue with the Philippine guns is a matter of longevity not out of the box reliability. And the vast majority of us will never hit the round count where the difference will matter.

      When I decided that I MUST have a .38 Super 1911 I was more than willing to buy a RIA gun (which is Armscor of the Philippines) but I couldn't find one except on Gunbroker. I get an attitude about plunking down an extra $100 in shipping and transfers...


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