13 December 2012

Know What I Love?

I just love articles talking about budget builds that top two grand.

I loathed in Hot Rod and I loathe it in guns.

Technically they are correct, they stuck to a budget.  So does the DoD!

But when they present "budget" as synonymous with "affordable" my hackles raise.

$1,700 for the AR.
$300 for the 4-rail free-float.
$200 for iron sights.
$500 for the red-dot.
$300 for a magnifier.
$200 for a white light.
$400 for an IR laser!!!!
$400 for furniture for that AR.

$4,000 for a "basic" "budget" AR?

Are you kidding me?  That IR light is useless without some sort of night vision, and that's $300 for a Gen 1+ if you want one that reviews well.  Another $4,000 for the good stuff.

Some of these guys even go so far as to say every AR needs a suppressor.  Add at least a grand plus the stamp for that!

Did the reader survey come back saying that most of their readers are doctors, lawyers or investment bankers?

Some of us aren't rich and don't have the ATF giving us guns.

How about a real budget build?

Like a basic KISS iron sight gun?

LIke a $500 kit plus a $150 lower?  With a $75 detachable carry handle because the front sights came with the barrel.

That's a budget gun!

And nothing about it precludes the owner from upgrading it with any of the nice to have items listed in the "budget" build.  In fact it's likely easier to budget those items if you spread them out over a longer period of time.

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