21 December 2012

Truth In Advertising

One of those stupid talk shows had Mike talking about the guns we need to eliminate.

He mentioned, "advertised as being able to take down an airliner at over a mile."


Where was this ad?

I'm a gun geek.  Especially military guns.

I don't recall seeing this ad.

The ads where the maker is touting the ability of their arm to kill aircraft are by makers of things with seeker heads and rocket motors.

He'd better not be talking about a Barrett either.

Being the kind of geek I am I'm aware of what kind of damage a .50 cal round will do to an airplane.  It took lots of hits to take out teeny little German fighters in WW2 or North Korean MiGs in Korea.

A modern airliner is likely not going to be taken down by a person with a Barrett unless it's a golden BB shot (and a .30-30 would suffice in that case).

So, Mike, where was this ad published?  Until you do I'll just have to maintain that you're lying; like when you claimed you were a Republican or like when you said you'd abide by the term limits...


  1. These ppl are freakin idiots, they don't know the difference between auto's and semi's, what do you expect? They just want our guns.........For the children of coarse ..........

  2. I'm guessing that at some point he was shown something a defense industry trade rag by a staffer or lobbyist about how Anti-Materiel Rifles can disable an aircraft in a revetment from over a mile away and, well, you know, an ad is an ad, a rifle is a rifle, and an airplane is an airplane, right?

    Besides, he knows more about this than you do, peasant, because he's been briefed by experts. Just like he was on salt and sugary soft drinks.

  3. Experts?

    You know, top men.

    Top men? Who?

    TOP men.


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