27 December 2012


I no longer have a Facebook account.

I got sick of the endless boring details of the various sports collectives and being told that if I didn't hit "Like" I was responsible for dead babies in the Congo.

Not to mention the rivers of tears and blame that were assigned me for not being a vocal bastion of liberal group-think.

The Lovely Harvey kept her account.

Something interesting is happening.

Many of those people who were excoriating me for failing to be a liberal are now making inquiries through Harvey if I would be willing help them pick "the right gun" and teach them to shoot.

Some have even asked if I have any guns I wanted to sell.

Sell?  I am a gun collector accumulator!  I don't sell guns!

I've lost so many in boating accidents that I hold the few that remain dear.

I would sell some, but I don't have any that are surplus to my wants.  I've sold a couple in the past that I've deeply regretted and that makes me reluctant to sell any more.  The two I most regret is the US Property marked Remington-Rand M1911A1 my dad gave me and a pristine Brazilian M-1908 DWM Mauser.

I've replaced all of the other regretful sales, but it would have been far cheaper to have just retained the original gun.  The replacements are often not quite the same gun.

My Entr├Ęprise receiver L1A1 was replaced with a DSA SA58.  Inch to Metric, kit to factory.  The metric gun actually fits me better though.

The Anaconda was replaced with a different Anaconda.  Both were .45 Colt, the new one is 6" and the old 4".

I could be a collector.  I've discovered I am interested enough in Mosin-Nagants thanks to my two Finnish acquisitions that I could try my hand at collecting those.  It doesn't hurt that only the Kiv/27 on that list is particularly expensive.


  1. Those Facebook Sheep sure like to frolic freely when there's a Great Pyr in their midst, but they become a tad bit circumspect when he wanders off, don't they?

  2. My facebook feed is full of guns and dead deer. I really wish my cousin would stop posting those, you would think she was bragging or something....

  3. Interesting, I've lost most of my guns in Kayak accidents.


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