17 December 2012

The Insane

Reading up it turns out our shooter was, indeed, a violent sociopath.

His mom knew.

Where was dad?

Probably got sick of it and bailed.  Because there's nothing that can be done but some ineffective meds (which they are damned good at not taking).

My son is borderline.

He's 19 and almost 290 lbs.  Strong but uncoordinated.

Effective IQ of around 40.  Great with all manner of puzzles.  No impulse control.  Micro-seizures.  Violent outbursts nearly at random but especially when denied a want.

And we're on our fucking own.

We pay the doc out of pocket.  His meds are covered by medicare.

And we watch him like a hawk!  You have to.

His requirement for 24/7 supervision precludes us being a two income family.  Only this year have we placed him in a school that specializes in people like him.  We were on a waiting list for six years.  Then we had to wait another four for the county schools to admit they wouldn't do anything for him and transfer the funding they get from the state to the special school.

It is heart breaking to do what we have to do.

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