28 December 2012


I was looking through my old records and found my arms-room cards.

DA Form 3479, Jan 82.

There are three of them;

M1911A1 Cal .45 Pistol, 1005-00-726-5655, Serial # 1164935
M16A2 5.56 Cal Auto Rifle, 1005-01-178-9936, Serial # 6300574
Bayonet Knife M7 w/ scabbard M10, 1005-00-017-9701, no serial number.

I can't believe I still have these.

Thanks to the internet I now know my mind was playing tricks on me.

My issue 1911A1 wasn't a Remington Rand, it was a Colt made in 1944.

My issue M16A2 was also a Colt, but forty years newer!


  1. If your 1911 was like most 1911s, it was a mish-mash of parts. A Colt frame and R-R slide, for example. So, it's possible your 1911 was sort of a R-R, since 1911 serials are stamped on the frame, iirc.

  2. Good point!

    The frame came from Colt in 1944 at any rate. If my mind is not playing tricks then the slide was Rem-Rand.


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