01 December 2012

First World Problem

Three of the local ranges require that any gun brought in be fully encased.  Bits poking out is not allowed.

Quick, find a case that fits a Mosin-Nagant!

The range in question doesn't stock one long enough and can't find one longer than they stock in their supplier's catalog.

What am I to do?  "Um..." they reply.

The next issue is the indoor ranges, quite reasonably, forbid steel core and steel jacketed ammo.  It's bad for the back-stop.  Got it.

What do they sell for 7.62x54mmR?

Soviet, Bulgarian or Chinese light ball.  Which is universally STEEL JACKETED AND STEEL CORED.  Even Wolf is steel jacketed.

It's like they don't want people to shoot Mosins and have come up with the most esoteric way of forbidding them they can.


  1. I have a 48in long rifle case that fits my M1 Garand. It has straps on the back so it works like a backpack, too. If I am smart, I'll see who made it and post tomorrow.

  2. I have a 46" long rifle case by Voodoo that fits my Garand! Got those straps as well. In fact, I borrowed a Garand they had at the store to make sure my Garand would fit.

    I might just have to order a 48" one on the internet.

  3. Ah, that's it the Voodoo. And it's 46 (or 48?) long.

  4. The best ones are the floppy sleeves that tie up at one end. You can fit (barely) a St. Etienne M16 in them.


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